Jamal Lutfi Fansa Contracting System

Founded in 2001, this national Saudi contracting company has completed hundreds of projects with various Saudi municipalities.

Abha, Saudi Arabia

AAP Management System

Adam Auto Parts provides high-quality compatible parts for a wide range of cars, meeting European safety standards, and ISO 9001.

Libya, Türkiye

MALR Telecom

Leading in specialized services with excellence in Power Systems, Mobile Networks, Facility Management, and Fixed Networks.


Smart Points

Track and manage the IMEIs of various brands across nine countries, encompassing Apple, Xiaomi, and other prominent brands.

United Arab Emirates

TNC Consultancy

TNC Consultancy optimizes people, processes, and technology for performance and sustainable growth.



Metabot started to empower and enrich the Saudi local market with world-class services and products.

Saudi Arabia

Addrus Schools Management System

Modernizing Libyan schools with streamlined digital administration, automation, and top-notch security.


Orna Jewelry

ORNA jewelry is all made with freshwater pearls and sterling silver to magnify your shine. Made by Libyan Disgners from Libya!


Shetewy Pay Fintech

Shetewy Pay is a new fintech company in the UK that focuses on empowering small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

United Kingdom

Smart Choice Group

Established in 2014 and owns the two brands I-Plus and Smart for electronic devices, mobile, tablet, TV, IOT and Mobile accessories.

United Arab Emirates

Almzad Auctions

Specializes in managing e-auctions for the sale of vehicles, yachts, real estate, jewelry, heavy machinery equipment and generators.


GSB IMEI Management

Manages regions, distributors and retailers, with real-time e-warranty certificate issuance for each successful purchase in 9 countries.

United Arab Emirates

Azzri Muslim Community

A muslim centric platform to connect community with their masjid in an innovative way, with live streaming capabilities, and voice/video calls.

United States

Alamoudi OCR-ID Scan Points

Secure pre-trained machine learning models to verify the IDs scanned in malls and airports, protected by the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

Saudi Arabia

Harvard Alumni for Black Advancement

Harvard Alumni for Black Advancement Endeavors for Black people’s educational, sociocultural, professional, and economic progress.

United States

Chef Catering Services

Chef Catering is the largest independent provider of airline catering services in Libya with a long-term experience in the field.


Davinci Dental Arts (DDA)

Da Vinci Dental Art is a modern art of dentistry aiming to expand throughout the world to provide a top-notch experience.

United Arab Emirates

Addrus E-Learning (SaaS)

Comes with SaaS Capabilities, Online Payment, Web, and Mobile Apps. Addrus helps deliver educational content anytime, anywhere.


Adam Auto Parts

Adam Auto Parts, a leading manufacturer of spare parts since 2008. It offers superior quality E-MARKET products with a one-year warranty.


Catalyst Solutions UAE

Providing accelerated, step-by-step results-driven approach to help CEOs driving breakthrough performance.

United Arab Emirates

Demark Consultancy

Demark is a specialized company that provides a range of business support services with a high level of expertise and professionalism.


ORG Logistics

ORG Logistics is a well-known global cargo service provider based in Dubai Airport Free Zone, UAE that was established in 2005.

United Arab Emirates

Rahalista: Mohamed Alselini

Rahalista, Content creator and a Youtuber traveling the world to live new experiences and share them via his lens.


Fahhemni Platform

Designed by expert professors to overcome all academic and professional difficulties in Libya and the Arab world.


Newborn Brain Society USA

The Newborn Brain Society was conceived with a comprehensive vision and mission focusing on the newborn brain.

United States

Corevision FX Investment

Corevision FX Investment Company is the core of Corevision group, providing Investing and Forex Trading Services.


The American University of Libya

The American University of Libya was established in 2013, with a partnership with the IUL, Florida.


Afro-Asia Banking Conference

Through the series of events, devolved prospects for exhibitions and economic events.


Eye on Municipalities via H2O

The project is constituted of an electronic space that provides variable information about the work of the municipal councils.


EverClean UAE

World-Class Dubai-based EverClean UAE is a one-stop for your home and business cleaning services.

United Arab Emirates


Atom-Tech provides full infrastructure solutions to organizations in the diversity of verticals, like Oil & Gas, Public and government sectors.


SkyLibya TV Satellite Provider

Sky Libya TV Network is a direct-broadcast satellite provider and streaming service serving Libya and Tunisia.


Libyan Women Business Directory

An initiative from Jusoor Studies Libya to create a movement of support for Women-Owned businesses and female entrepreneurs.


Life Coach: Maged Elsakka

Holds a Strategic Management Doctorate from the United Kingdom and Master's in BA and Performance Evaluation Coaching.


Libyan Woman Database LWDB

Libyan Woman Database, An initiative by Maan Nabneeha Movement – Together We Build It (TWBI).


HAAA Membership Platform

Reached over 4,000 alumni and friends and supports several charities, scholarship funds, and initiatives throughout the Arab world.

United States

Brilliance Accounting

Has years of experience providing accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses and healthcare agencies.

United States

Ahmed Sanussi

Ahmed Sanussi is a Libyan TV Presenter and Economy Expert. He has been noted for his engaging dialogue presentation style.


Legacy Coaching Institute

Introducing the coaching industry with intensive coaching programs aiming to build a truly capable coach.

United States

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association

Reaches over 4,000 alumni and supports several charities, scholarship initiatives throughout the Arab world.

United States

Dr. Emad Kattara Banking Training

Helps trainers facing complex banking issues with confidence! delivering banking skills through integrated courses.


Marasi International UAE

PMC, Construction Engineering, Supply of Steel structures, Trading of materials, Contracts reviews, and management.

United Arab Emirates

Aurelia Apartments Sheraton

A flagship project in Sheraton, Heliopolis! A long-awaited blend of greenery, serenity, and security.


Dr. Ahmed Magdy AMI

International Keynote Speaker, ATD Facilitator, and a Leading Expert in the arena of Peak Performance Coaching and Learning.

United States

CitySpiders Türkiye

Hem sürücülerin finansal hedeflerine ulaşmalarına hem de işletmelerin çalışmalarını daha iyi tanıtmalarına yardımcı oluyoruz.


Noble TV

Broadcasting recitations of the Noble Quran along with the translations in seven of the most widespread languages globally.

Saudi Arabia

Alsharq Shipping Agencies

Dedicated to improving efficiency, productivity, and service diversity–to deliver what their customers want.


Northern Nevada Muslim Community

A religious and social organization enabling Muslims in Northern Nevada to practice the teachings of their religion.

United States

Dr. Amr Elfass Official

An International Keynote Speaker, Global L&D Executive Thought Leader, and Empowering Business Coach.

United States

Pineapple Home Care

Provides genuine, trusted care, and partners coordinated services that enhance each individual's independence.

United States

Balanced Scorecard North Africa

A Global Partner of BSI of Cary North Carolina and the regional provider of balanced scorecard training and consulting services.


Tassili Consultancy

Tassili for Consultancy and Training is a North African-based leading firm providing customized solutions for business excellence.


IKU Service Centers Portal

Helps service centers to browse and download devices' service manuals in several languages, and devices software.

United Arab Emirates

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