Al Amoudi Exchange Company is a leading exchange house in Saudi Arabia that specializes in foreign exchange and domestic and international money transfers. It has its headquarters in Jeddah and conducts its money transfer business through direct arrangements with correspondent banks and exchange companies, as well as through international instant money transfer operators. In terms of the number of correspondents, it is one of the top three money transfer companies in the region and by far the largest exchange house dealing in foreign currency banknotes in Saudi Arabia.

The company was established 50 years ago and has since built a strong reputation for dependable, speedy, and economical services, along with excellent customer care. The Al Amoudi Exchange money transfer and currency exchange brand enjoy the trust of its customers and partners. The company is proud to be a member of IAMTN (International Association of Money Transfer Networks), a global trade association based in London.

The company's success is rooted in its commitment to providing efficient and reliable services to its customers. It has a wide network of correspondent banks and exchange companies around the world, which enables it to provide services to customers in different parts of the globe. The company also employs the latest technology to ensure fast and secure transactions. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company has been able to maintain its high standards of service delivery, which has earned it a loyal customer base over the years.

In addition to its core business of foreign exchange and money transfers, the company is also engaged in other financial services. It offers bill payment services, travel insurance, and prepaid cards. The company is also committed to corporate social responsibility and has been actively involved in various community development initiatives. Overall, the Al Amoudi Exchange Company is a well-established and highly respected player in the financial services industry in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

About Alamoudi Exchange OCR-ID

Alamoudi Exchange has recently partnered with Shetewy-Tech and GSA Analytics UK to merge the OCR-ID technology with secure pre-trained machine learning models RPC. This technology is used to detect, read, and verify the IDs scanned by Alamoudi Agents in Saudi Arabia. The system can read and verify National IDs and Work Visa IDs in both English and Arabic. It is used in various locations such as malls, airports, and downtown areas. This partnership has enhanced the security and accuracy of the exchange company's services, ensuring that all transactions are reliable and trustworthy.

With the implementation of this technology, Alamoudi Exchange has taken a step forward in terms of innovation and convenience. The use of secure pre-trained machine learning models RPC ensures the accuracy and reliability of the ID scanning process. It is also a faster and more efficient way of processing transactions, allowing for a smoother and hassle-free experience for customers. This technology has made it easier for Alamoudi Exchange Agents to perform their duties, as it eliminates the need for manual verification and reduces the risk of errors.

The integration of OCR-ID with secure pre-trained machine learning models RPC has further established Alamoudi Exchange's position as a leading exchange house in Saudi Arabia. By continuously investing in the latest technologies and partnering with renowned companies in the industry, Alamoudi Exchange is able to provide its customers with the best services and experiences. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted and reliable partner for its clients and partners.

Security and Encryption

Alamoudi Exchange OCR-ID is a highly secure and reliable system that complies with CMEK standards for data encryption. The system uses a data encryption key (DEK) to encrypt data, which is then encrypted again using a key-encryption key (KEK). This ensures that even if the data hasn't been deleted yet, it cannot be accessed once the DEK is destroyed.

To handle unlimited loads of instant scans, the system is hosted on secure servers integrated with SonicWall NGFW Firewall, which has received the highest level of certification for firewall, anti-malware, and advanced threat defense from ICSA Labs. Additionally, Alamoudi Exchange Scan Points are all protected by the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law, and any crimes related to the system will be investigated and prosecuted by the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution.

The system was developed in partnership with Shetewy-Tech and GSA Analytics UK and uses pre-trained machine learning models RPC to detect, read, and verify IDs in both English and Arabic. It is used by Alamoudi Agents in malls, airports, and downtown areas to easily and quickly read and verify National IDs and Work Visa IDs. Overall, Alamoudi Exchange OCR-ID offers a high level of security, reliability, and convenience for both Alamoudi Exchange and its customers.


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