NNMC is a religious and social organization whose goal is to enable Muslims in Northern Nevada to practice the teachings of their religion and to promote its values and teachings. It provides a safe and interactive environment conducive to learning, worshipping, and making Islam known to non-Muslims.

NNMC Mission is to educate and encourage Muslims in Northern Nevada to be involved in their Masjid as part of their daily life; to promote the values and teachings of Islam to all by providing a safe and interactive environment conducive to learning and worship; and encourage and participate in multi-faith discussion and events - As part of its mission, NNMC.

Project Scope

We made a website that serves NNMCC's vision, which is to become the center for developing and sustaining a vibrant Islamic community in Northern Nevada per the Qur’an and the Sunnah (teachings, deeds, and sayings, silent permissions, or disapprovals of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH).

The website is being viewed mostly by non-muslims, so we designed a layout that helps the visitor to have a brief/overview of almost everything and then decide to navigate to their requested part of the website, to find more details about what they're looking for.

The website includes a section for "Al Huda School" which includes payment integration with PayPal, and Admission requests. Backed with analytics and provide comfort to anyone looking to apply for their children, or invite others to join.


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