Shetewy-Tech White Labeling

At Shetewy-Tech, we understand the importance of offering a comprehensive White Labeling service that meets the unique branding requirements of our clients. Our White Labeling options are designed to provide flexibility and customization, allowing clients to fully or semi whitelabel their projects according to their preferences.

For clients seeking a fully whitelabeled solution, we offer a complete customization package where every visible element of the project is tailored to align with the client's brand identity. This includes incorporating the client's logo, colors, typography, and other branding assets throughout the project, or remove any of Shetewy-Tech branding from the frontend or the backend. Our skilled designers and developers work closely with the client to ensure a seamless integration of their brand aesthetics and whitelabeling requests into the deliverables.

For those who opt for a semi whitelabeled approach, we recognize the need to balance multiple brand requirements or share certain aspects of the project across different brands. In such cases, we collaborate with the client to determine the level of customization and distinction needed, allowing for shared elements while maintaining brand individuality.

Fees and Charges

The fees and charges for our White Labeling services depend on various factors, including the complexity of the project, extent of customization required, and the specific needs of the client. As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide detailed cost breakdowns and discuss the fees with the client before initiating the project. This ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of the associated charges and can make informed decisions.

Standard Version
Free of charge
Semi White Labeling
525 USD One-Time Payment
Fully White Labeling
999 USD One-Time Payment
Frontend Statements ✔️ Visible 🚫 Removed 🚫 Removed
Backend Statements ✔️ Visible 🚫 Removed 🚫 Removed
Project Video ✔️ Provided ✔️ Provided 🚫 Not Provided
Shetewy-Tech Portfolio ✔️ Listed ✔️ Listed 🚫 Removed
App Store Listing ✔️ Visible ✔️ Visible 🚫 Removed
Google Play Listing ✔️ Visible ✔️ Visible 🚫 Removed
Hosting / DNS Records ✔️ Visible ✔️ Visible 🚫 Removed
Direct Code Changes 🚫 Forbidden 🚫 Forbidden ✔️ Allowed
Source Code Files 🚫 Not Provided 🚫 Not Provided ✔️ Provided
Change Author Name 🚫 Forbidden 🚫 Forbidden ✔️ Allowed

  • 1. Frontend Statements - All "powered by" and/or "proudly powered by" statements located in the frontend.
  • 2. Backend Statements - All author information and "powered by" statements located in the backend like backend code, styling files, JS files, and server information.
  • 3. Project Video - A captivating and dynamic 4K video that creatively presents the project layouts using engaging media techniques, accompanied by music and captivating animations. The video can be shared through various social media channels, YouTube, or utilized for internal purposes.
  • 4. Shetewy-Tech Portfolio - The project will be featured prominently on the official website of "Shetewy Tech," appearing as one of the latest additions in prominent sections such as the homepage, portfolio, and other relevant areas of the website.
  • 5. App Store Listing - Shetewy-Tech brand name or support email addresses provided in the App Store serve as contact information for the developer contact information or for technical inquiries.
  • 6. Google Play Listing - Shetewy-Tech brand name or support email addresses provided in the Google Play account that serve as contact information for the developer contact information or for technical inquiries.
  • 7. Hosting / DNS Records - The Shetewy-Tech name, nameservers, and technical contact information will be visible in the hosting and/or DNS records of your domain.
  • 8. Direct Code Changes - The customer has the ability to make direct updates to any part of the code without requiring authorization from Shetewy-Tech. This can be done by the customer's technical team or any third party of their choice. Kindly be aware that modifying the code with unauthorized technicians from Shetewy-Tech may hinder our ability to offer effective support for your product. As we would be unaware of the changes made and their impact on the system or app architecture, Shetewy-Tech reserves the right to levy support fees for any issues arising from modifications made by non-authorized technicians. This is necessary to ensure the provision of comprehensive and reliable support services.
  • 9. Source Files - Providing the project's source code.
  • 10. Change Author Name - Flexibility to modify the authorship of your project from Shetewy-Tech to any desired entity, including the customer's company name or any other third party.

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