Demark is a specialized company that provides a range of business support services with a high level of expertise and professionalism. They develop the relationship between Libyan and foreign commercial entities and facilitate the conduct of commercial operations between them. Provide customized services that meet clients' needs and help them achieve their business objectives in three key areas: Marketing, Brokerage, and Investment Management. Demark constantly innovates and invests in their company so that their clients achieve the required returns and successful business operations, their vision is to be the best in their field and to offer the best to their clients.

Project Scope

The website User interface is designed to reflect uniqueness, technology, and white/black smooth transition for trustworthiness. It is not an ordinary website that you're used to seeing every day. This is unique, with sound clicks, fast, engaging, and reflects the brand power.

Demark Consultancy website is designed and developed in three languages: English, Italian and Arabic. All translated by Shetewy-Tech Certified Translation Services. With live chat service, to provide instant support to clients visiting the website, anytime, anywhere.


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