TNC Consultancy is a leading consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses execute their company strategy efficiently and effectively. Their expertise lies in optimizing people, processes, and technology to drive performance and ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness.

They provide consultancy services through a team of highly experienced local consultants and international partners, such as GSA Analytics and Shetewy Tech. Their consultants have extensive hands-on experience in their respective fields of expertise, enabling them to deliver world-class consultancy services to their clients.

At TNC Consultancy, they are committed to supporting the efficient and effective implementation of their consultancy deliverables. That's why they organize world-class training events to provide their clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize their business processes and drive long-term success.

As a PPT (People, Process, Technology) company, they believe that optimizing the relationships between these three elements is crucial to achieving organizational efficiency. The people, processes, and technology framework is designed to improve the operational efficiency of employees and tools, and they use it to help their clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Their team works closely with clients to identify key performance indicators, set performance targets, and develop performance improvement plans. They help clients establish clear performance expectations for their employees and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to meet those expectations. They also help clients establish effective feedback mechanisms and performance review processes to ensure that employees receive timely feedback and are held accountable for their performance.


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