Many Muslims reported feeling a disconnect between them and their local mosque been having trouble feeling a connection to my local mosques. While many attribute this disconnect to the lack of engaging activities, other attribute it to lack of communication. Many Muslims would like to feel connected but do not know how. Mosques do not usually find the appropriate medium to disseminate information or connect with the community.

Furthermore, many mosques use static non-interactive websites, primitive platforms to communicate with their members, and standalone systems to store membership database. Every mosque is closed on their congregants. When one moves from one community to another, he/she will have to start from the beginning; making friends, knowing the conditions to join a Sunday school, schedule of halaqa, ..etc.

What if there is a way to have better communication or to make the transition seamless? We are living in a world where technology is growing rapidly, of which we have to take advantage to make the lives of Muslim better and more engaging.

What does the word Azzri mean?

Azzri is an Arabic word (أَزْرِي) stemmed from the “آزر”, which means “strengthen” or “provide support.” It is mentioned in the holy Quran when Prophet Moses (AS) asked Allah (SWT) to support him by allowing his brother Aaron (AS) to share the same task, to which Prophet Moses (AS) was assigned. Prophet Moses (AS) asked Allah (SWT) by saying “اشْدُدْ بِهِ أَزْرِي” (Strengthen me through him).

What is Azzri?

Azzri, as the word indicates, is meant to strengthen the ties between Muslims. Thus, Azzri is a platform, which is founded to facilitate the interaction between Muslims and the Islamic institutions, like mosques, schools, and scholars. Azzri achieves that by creating a contemporary platform through which Muslims can connect to such institutions as well as other Muslims.

Through Azzri, Islamic institutions, such as mosques, will be able to manage and communicate better with their members and congregants. Imams will be able to video stream their speeches (khutbas) and their classes. This will be done through a secure and a faster medium. Meanwhile, Muslims will be able to communicate with their mosques and other Muslims. Through a dashboard, they will be able to post comments, donate to their respective mosque or organization, chat with other members, ask questions, check their membership status, respond to volunteering requests, and many other functions.

Azzri strives to be the platform of choice for Muslims and Islamic institution. Through Azzri, Muslim communities will overcome the geographical boundaries, be more informed, have access to more services, and most importantly, get and stay connected.

Azzri Security

Azzri Muslim Community is AES-265 Encrypted, your login credentials, information, logs, are all encrypted. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for protecting confidential information. Learn more about The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) by visiting definition/Advanced-Encryption-Standard

The system applies geo-restrictions blocking, securing Azzri Accounts, and admins. Along with CDN that protects against threats such as SQL injection and identity theft. Improves site performance and speeds up loading times by using multiple data centers.


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