Catalyst is a regional corporate transformation consulting firm, providing an evidence-based, no-nonsense, step-by-step, results-driven approach to driving breakthrough performance in a disruptive VUCA world.

In partnership with Professor Robert H. Miles, author of Leading Corporate Transformation and BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Leading Corporate Transformation in a Disruptive World, Catalyst is bringing to the MENA region a proven track record of success in supporting executive leaders in almost all industries as they rise to the challenges of organizational growth and revitalization.

In Catalyst, we adopt an approach called Accelerated Corporate Transformation or ACT in all our engagements. Originally distilled by Dr. Robert H. Miles from an innovative two-week residential program for CEOs and their leadership teams, which he chaired at the Harvard Business School; the ACT process architecture was continuously refined through work these top executives and their teams as they were wrestling with the realities of how to rise to the major challenge confronting their organization.


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