Ahmed Magdy is an International Keynote Speaker, ATD Facilitator, and a Leading Expert in the arena of Peak Performance Coaching and Learning. He’s the creator of “Success Dioxide Equation ®”, a uniquely empowering concept to utilize coaching tools in work and life.

Magdy ignites the L&D industry as an ICF Accreditation Lead Trainer, delivering his uniquely distinguished Training & Coaching Solutions to a diverse base of regional and multinational organizations. With a wide recognized contribution in authoring, Ahmed is the author of 3 Books including Success Dioxide, Odyssey of Success, and 99.5 Ideas to leave your Legacy.

Magdy had the privilege of working with top bodies in the world including ATD, ICF, and ICA to bring the best solutions and insights to his wide range of international clients. He delivers top international certifications all over the world whether the accrediting programs or the preparation for exams including Associate Certified Coach from ICF, Certified Professional in Learning & Performance from ATD, Training Certificate from ATD, and Coaching Certificate from ATD. Ahmed Magdy is the MENA Training Director of Life Coach Workshops, a Specialized Coaches Training Consultancy to empower top leading coaches in the region. All Magdy’s work continues to be around a central mission, to help people leave their authentic legacy in their lives.


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