Eye on Municipalities is a social project designed and managed by H2O Organization. The project is constituted of an electronic space that provides variable information about the work of the municipal councils, this space also works on documenting the process of public policy making that are important to the citizen and effect his life in a direct way, it also offers the chance for people who are interested in observing and monitoring the work of the municipalities to publish their reports about them, with the reserved right to respond by the media offices about everything that is published on this platform. We will work on guaranteeing the truthfulness, and the space for information, reports, articles. So that it will be considered as a neutral source away from the political and media struggle taking place in the country, the project will also provide a space for the municipalities to publish information, besides supporting, training and capacity building for these bodies to be able to use the electronic media in an efficient way.

H2O is a Libyan youth non-profit organization founded in 2011 to communicate ideas, views and aspirations of Libyan youth, translating them into clear suggestions and demands, which are then presented to the authorities using all means of communication tools.

The commitment of H2O`s members, leadership, and donors has aided Libya’s development and supporting its democratic transition under all circumstances. Since 2011 H2O is gaining experience in working not only in the Greater Tripoli area but also in different regions of Libya. Moreover, H2O has established diverse and strong relations with different local and international stakeholders starting from civil society organization to government and official institutions.


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