The Fahhemni platform is based on providing unique interactive educational content, specially designed by an elite group of expert professors in different educational disciplines to overcome all academic and professional difficulties in Libya and the Arab world.

During the study of the student on the Fahhemni platform, They will be subjected to many immediate tests that help him properly understand the information and identify the correct answers immediately or communicate with the support team in the event of any problems or inquiries. Fahhmeni is powered by UK Government, France Expertise, Stream, and Libyana Mobile Operator.

Project Scope

The platform User interface is designed to reflect a student-friendly interface, helps students to easily sign-up or select courses, and view information. The layout of the pages is compact style, gives all the information in a very systematic compact way, to save unnecessary scroll down.

Fahhemni's website is designed and developed in Arabic User Interface. with an integrated payment gateway: iCash, a local payment gateway in Libya.

Fahhemni supports teachers by providing informative standalone dashboards with the ability to create, manage, and post their content. with the ability to engage with students through internal messaging, all encrypted by AES-265. Teachers can easily view reports, or request withdrawal to bank transfers, all from their accounts.


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