We proudly announce the launch of Addruss Schools Management System (ASMS), a flagship product developed by Addruss E-Learning, tailored to the educational landscape in Libya. ASMS revolutionizes school administration by offering a comprehensive and detailed platform, empowering school administrators to efficiently manage all aspects of education and administration.

This versatile platform encompasses student data management, admission procedures, teacher and parent monitoring, class scheduling, accounting management, library management, daily attendance, lesson and subject scheduling, curriculum management, classroom organization, event planning, grading, examinations, assessments, student expense management, predefined templates, and a digital announcement board for effective communication.

Technical Features and Security Measures:

  • Student Data Management - ASMS employs robust database systems with advanced encryption to securely manage student records, including personal details, academic performance, and attendance records.

  • Admission Procedures - The system automates the admission process, offering secure online application forms, document uploads, and applicant tracking.

  • Teacher and Parent Monitoring - ASMS allows real-time monitoring through secure login credentials, ensuring efficient tracking of student progress, attendance, and performance.

  • Class Scheduling - The system generates dynamic schedules adaptable to various academic calendars and curricula. Schedules are accessible to teachers, students, and administrators.

  • Accounting Management - Financial data is securely managed with integrated accounting modules, supporting functions such as fee collection and expense tracking, with data integrity maintained through encryption and secure transaction protocols.

  • Library Management - ASMS offers comprehensive library management with inventory tracking, book checkouts, and digital resource management, protected by robust security features.

  • Daily Attendance - Attendance recording is automated and secure, with biometric or smart card options for enhanced security.

  • Lesson and Subject Scheduling - The system provides tools for lesson scheduling, subject management, and secure encryption for scheduling data.

  • Curriculum Management - ASMS includes a feature-rich curriculum management module, allowing educators to create, update, and monitor curriculum content securely.

  • Classroom Organization - Classroom assignment, resource allocation, and seating arrangements are managed efficiently, with data encryption for class configurations.

  • Event Planning and Evaluation - Event planning and evaluation are streamlined with secure event management features and encrypted event data.

  • Grading, Examinations, and Assessments - Secure grading, examination, and assessment processes are supported, with encryption for academic records and results.

  • Student Expense Management - ASMS features comprehensive student expense management, ensuring secure processing of financial transactions, including fee collection and expense tracking.

  • Predefined Templates - The system provides predefined templates adhering to Libya's education standards, integrating with teacher and student information.

  • Security Measures - ASMS implements "Zero Trust" browsing techniques and browser isolation for secure web sessions. Administrative access is exclusively through authorized API calls. Integrated anti-virus scanning, SIEN logs, and Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) protect against malware, DDoS attacks, load balancing, bot restrictions, rate limiting, brute force protection, HSTS protocol enforcement, and encrypted Server Name Indication (SNI).

  • Optimized for Connectivity - ASMS ensures fast-loading experiences for users with limited bandwidth and supports offline learning.

  • Support Channels - Addruss offers multiple support channels, including live chat, email, and WhatsApp, for comprehensive assistance.

  • SAAS Feature - ASMS operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing a complete and secure learning environment through a SaaS licensing and delivery model.

  • Encryption - The platform prioritizes security with AES-256 encryption, secure payment gateways, and geo-restrictions for added protection.

ASMS brings a multitude of benefits to school management

ASMS revolutionizes school management in Libya, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for educational institutions. It streamlines administrative processes, reduces paperwork, and minimizes manual data entry, enhancing efficiency. Real-time updates foster transparency in school operations, providing stakeholders with vital information. Centralized automation ensures accuracy, minimizing errors and discrepancies. Seamless communication tools enhance overall effectiveness, facilitating interactions among all stakeholders.

Robust security measures protect sensitive data, ensuring privacy and data integrity. ASMS is scalable, accommodating schools of all sizes, and its mobile app guarantees accessibility, allowing users to access information and perform tasks anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Security and Surveillance Integration

Our ASMS platform goes beyond traditional school management by seamlessly integrating with the school's surveillance camera networks, granting authorized access through the system. This integration allows for real-time monitoring and enhances security across the campus. Moreover, ASMS interfaces with advanced biometric attendance systems, providing a secure and efficient method of tracking attendance for both students and staff.

In addition to surveillance and attendance, our platform offers the flexibility to activate image and video systems, bolstering the security infrastructure further. Furthermore, ASMS extends its capabilities to incorporate cutting-edge sensors for temperature monitoring, fire detection, and motion sensing. These advanced features contribute to a safer and more secure school environment, ensuring the well-being of students, staff, and visitors.

With ASMS, your school gains a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines administrative tasks but also prioritizes the safety and security of your educational institution.

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