Prof. Emad Kattara has professional experience in both the practical and teaching arena. He worked for 16 years in Egypt’s most reputable banks, then he moved to teach. He started teaching at the Egyptian Banking Institute, universities, several private centers inside and outside Cairo, stock market, insurance companies, exchange companies, as well as private and governmental companies.

He has subsequently provided consulting for many industries spanning different nationalities. Besides undertaking training, Prof. Kattara also writes and designs learning materials. He designed and delivered his own "How to be a Banker" course that was a huge success amongst students and fresh graduates resulting in training more than 5000 students across all Egypt's governorates.

Prof. Kattara acts as a coach and mentor to individuals/and groups, and also as a catalyst/ consultant to effect change to existing methods by introducing improvements and “new” ways.

Prof Kattara's training style relies on modern techniques in training such as case studies from the real world, using educational movies, exchanging roles between trainees, and workshop-style as a tool to communicate and deliver data to the trainees. In addition to that, he keeps participating in National and International seminars and conferences to update his status with all the recent upgrades in the administration business.


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