Libya Startups Expo 2019

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The fourth edition of Libya Startups Expo was held in partnership with a group of public and private companies. This exhibition focus on small projects that need to see the light and start on reality to boost the country’s economy. Supported by the European Mission to Libya.

AfroAsia Banking Industry Istanbul

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Discussing The Future of Finance in Asia and Africa, along with the Global Finance & Block Chain Technology. As we all tend to live increasingly digital lives, we have several identities online. The topic of identity management, particularly important for FinTech. AFRO-ASIA 2019 Conference providing updated solutions and perfect platform to introduce and demonstrate banking and finance technology, including systems, hardware, software, consultancy, training and service which are developed for banks and financial institutions.

Sportsmanship is a Lifestyle Campaign

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The project aims to promote positive values of sportsmanship not only during the game but also in our day-to-day life. This activity will have two phases, Phase I is a media awareness campaign promoting noble values of sportsmanship and link it to the good citizenship concept, Phase two is a series of sports themed events, which includes public screening of FIFA world cup matches, and also a cultural or sports competition or Draw, where winners get a chance to win numerous prizes, Along with the competition there will be many themed giveaways to raise public awareness about violence at stadia.

Startup Weekend Misurata

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Startup Weekend Misurata was held for the first time in Misurata and third time in Libya on February 27, 2014 at Siraj Halls, Misurata, Libya. Ambassadors of different embassies from the American, French, Emiratis, Dutch, Turkish, Indian, Jordanian, Moroccan, Malta and Tunisian embassies located in this country have attended the Grand Finale took place on the 1st of March 2014. Other than 'His Highnesses', MDs and CEOs of both eminent Pvt. and Govt. companies have been invited to attend the Finale.

Startup Weekend Tripoli

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Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It’s where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company creation. In Partnership with by: Microsoft Biz Spark, Google for entrepreneurs, Coca-Cola, Corinthia Hotels, Arab Net, Amazon Web Services, Libyan International Telecom Company, Shetewy-Tech, Mercy Corps, Potential, Libyan Entrepreneurs Network, Tassili Training Center, Mazadah, Apple Libya, Libya Al-Hurra, RMS Media Solutions, WAMDA, and Kalam Magazine

TEDxAIU Antalya Bilim Üniversitesi

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An independently organized event operating under the license of TED. Twenty-six success-driven, passionate students from 10 different countries make up the perfect team who have dedicated their time and efforts towards organizing this event and trying to make it a success. Accompanied by hardworking teachers from the university, success seems inevitable. Antalya Bilim University Campus which is built on 300,000 m2 land is designed to combine finest samples of Seljukian architecture with modern style. Antalya Bilim University presents excellent opportunities for a world class education.

Microsoft Geeks Day 2011 by Microsoft Egypt

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The idea behind Microsoft Geeks Days is to create a development hub at Microsoft Egypt that connects more than 90 applicants from 35 university developers or designers fulfills of brilliant ideas they want to share and publish it through a local/global community like Microsoft Geeks Days with the professionals. The event is sponsored by: Microsoft, Nokia, Shetewy-Tech, Coca-Cola and hosted by Ahram Canadian University in Cairo, Egypt.

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