Rahalista, a brand name owned by Mohamed Alselini, Content creator and a Youtuber traveling the world to live new experiences and share them via his lens.

Mohamed attained a master’s degree in Civil Engineering but couldn’t find a job in his specialization due to the unstable situation in Libya, however, He persistently applied for more than 400 jobs in the span of two years, while in the same time working in different fields, namely: marketing and business development. As time passed by he realized that the world is moving and he's running in his place to find a job. After a few months of lasting depression, he confronted himself and realized that he had not even liked his specialty. So why should he keep looking for a job in it?

Project Scope

The website User interface is designed to reflect the engaging taste of the brand "Rahalista", everything inside reflects boldness, sharp fonts, high contract elements, and the presence of balanced white/black colors all over the website pages.

Rahalista website is designed and developed in two languages: English and Arabic. All translated by Shetewy-Tech Certified Translation Services.


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