Who we are —

SHETEWY-TECH, A Turkish Libyan company based in İstanbul, providing Web / Mobile services and solutions since 2008. We have helped a wide range of businesses from around the globe, from startups business firms to established corporate firms.

We are a ONE-STOP Web Solutions Vendor, Whether you need an appealing website design or complex multi-tier web system development or custom programming using latest technologies and industry trends, Shetewy-Tech has the required experience and expertise to do it all.


In Brief

We have data centers in the US and Turkey, and paying customers in 43 cities. We help businesses and global entrepreneurs to enhance their offline and online images, at the best prices.


An Amazing Team

We are a Turkish/Libyan company with most of our team in Libya and Egypt, we serve international businesses and global entrepreneurs to achieve their business plans, effectively.


Mixed Cultures

Shetewy-Tech is a mix of experts and professionals from 12 different country, speaking five different languages, and helping our customers to know the best of everything, everywhere.

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