Partnership Brief

Today, September 15, 2021, Shetewy-Tech announced its partnership agreement with the Manchester-based General Services Administration (GSA Analytics) A Software development company focusing on Digital Transformation using Business Applications, RPA Automation, Cloud, and Analytics. GSA Analytics is located in Manchester and Dubai.

Shetewy-Tech will work closely with GSA Analytics to provide products related to designing and producing websites, analysis, design work for software, creating and operating databases and EIS, translating content into Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Persian, German, Italian, design and development of mobile apps on Android, iOS, Smart TV apps, smartwatch apps, Smart Homes apps with all their services, integrated services for security solutions, desktop apps, production of videos, animations, promotional short films, management of social media channels, virtual reality, augmented reality, marketplaces, and Fintech services through third-party partners.

A Commitment to Ongoing Collaboration

This new partnership will help to build new operational capabilities, taking into account the fact that GSA Analytics as a UK company as a non-EU member outside of the Schengen area will enable both Shetewy-Tech and GSA Analytics to engage with government-level tender projects and NGO-related programs that works closely with the local community.

“As we prepare for discovering new opportunities, our partnership with Shetewy-Tech will allow us to bring groundbreaking web/mobile products and solutions to the UK market for tomorrow’s business applications! We look forward to working with Shetewy-Tech to accelerate innovations in business automation and security that will help take future RPA to the next level” said Mahmoud Koja, CEO of GSA Analytics (UK).

“This strategic partnership will help both GSA Analytics and Shetewy-Tech the reach of our high-performance reliable web/mobile solutions and business apps into the UK and UAE markets significantly expanding the user base of both companies and development ecosystem on both private, gov, and public sectors. The solutions are carefully designed and premeditated with stringent quality standards. We follow extremely non-compromising strategies to deliver results, which are completely based on the customers’ requirements. Our every endeavor is in the direction of helping our customers streamline their operations in order, to take full advantage of the upcoming technologies and systems.” said Ebrahiem Ezzeldin, Managing Partner of Shetewy-Tech Türkiye.

This Agreement was signed on behalf of Shetewy-Tech by Ebrahiem Ezzeldin, its Managing Partner, and on behalf of General Services Administration (GSA Analytics UK) by Mahmoud Koja, its Chief Executive Officer, at Shetewy-Tech Pendik Office.

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