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We are accountable, to each other and our clients! To us, Shetewy-Tech approach means communicating quickly and openly. We don't check our manners at the door, but we believe you deserve to hear the truth even if it isn't in our best interest. It's why we started the company--to bring more transparency to a complex industry.

We strive to make sense of it all through data analysis, research, great tools, education, and testing. Our SEO consultants work collaboratively and with our clients to define metrics and stay ahead of the curve. We don't put our clients at risk by investing in a single or questionable method. We believe in diversification, aligning online marketing efforts with business strategies, and building your brand as an authority in your space.

We specialize in link development, online reputation management, SEO consulting, audits, and content creation. We aren't generalists, we're skilled professionals who help grow your brand online through strategic, long-term engagements.

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Social Media Applications.

Social media applications are generated to serve various business purposes, starting from business marketing to business operations handling – clients often require social media applications for serving various business needs. Social media applications engage the fans or followers to involve in different sorts business surveys and fun stuffs. With the help of these applications, a business house can create significant brand consciousness amongst the mass.

Building social media applications may bring a lot of success for a business organization by engaging its potential customers in some interactive sessions. Different applications have been developed to serve different purposes and thus the benefits of social media applications vary from one app to another. Not only a simple application, but a client oriented application has been needed to serve the clients with their core business issues. This is what we presume and thus we have drafted out services in that manner.

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Black and White Pencil Explainer Video

From our first meeting through completion of the project, Shetewy-Tech collaborates with you as a creative partner. Your video is brought to life by a team of accomplished professionals, completely aligned behind a single vision.

Up to Full HD (1080p) / 30FPS resolution, Background Music, Voice Over Recording, White and Black Images or Colorful Drawings or FULL color video, Script is to be provide by the client, up to 30 seconds and can increase per request.

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Corporate Video.

A corporate video where it features a real actor, native accent, business person, speaking about AMI, how it can effectively help subscribers to gain more knowledge and further develop their skills – including animation and services featuring, and contact information – perfectly used in introducing new businesses for a long-lasting impression, can be up to 60 seconds.

If you’ve worked with us previously, you know our passion is infectious. Not the bad kind of infectious, but the kind that gets you out of bed in the morning, brimming to get back to work. It’s that same passion that helps us blow past technical boundaries and overcome creative hurdles.

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